Our Story

Coffee 2.0

Sometimes an old favorite needs a new twist. For Jeff and Mark Groveman, founders of Sessions Coffee Company, their daily cups of coffee kept them fueled for their busy lives as full time employees, and Jeff still an MBA student.

What happened next is what often happens when a problem meets innovators. Mark left behind his career in the tech world to join forces with Jeff to embark on a journey where they discovered a huge market opportunity.


By combining creativity with chemistry, they formulated a strategy to deliver a custom brew of coffee to those with caffeine intolerance issues and those that might just need an extra jolt. Today, Sessions is the caffeine conscious coffee company with a mission to deliver the right amount of caffeine to our customers no matter how many cups a day they consume.

Welcome to Sessions Coffee Company – it’s time to “Pick Your Perk.”

The Perfect Cup Day or Night

Sessions hand-crafted coffee blends feature seven unique caffeine levels to optimize performance and mood over the course of a day. Our high-quality single origin coffee is flavorful and gives our customers a custom experience. From our headquarters in Carlsbad, California, we focus on important market differentiators:


Milligram level precision ensures what you see is what you get.


Our Quality Assurance process delivers coffee that meets the highest standards.


Time tested supply chain management ensures a consistent taste cup after cup.


Consumer facing tools that allow tracking, monitoring, and guidance for caffeine consumption.

Sessions Benefits

 Decaf PerkLiteCaf Perk   Halfcaf PerkEasycaf perk Regular Caf PerkHyper Caf PerkSupercaf Perk

According to research, there is a strong demand for both higher and lower caffeination levels. After years of R&D and interviewing tens of thousands of coffee-drinkers and connoisseurs worldwide, we discovered an array of benefits for our consumers.


Benefits of Higher Caffeine Products*

  • Increased alertness, attention, endurance performance, endurance capacity and reduction in the rated perceived exertion/effort during exercise
  • Increased productivity, improved focus and performance
  • Less water consumption to reach same desired effect
  • Our hyper caffeinated products use green-tea extract, known for its effects on weight loss and to treat stomach disorders, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, and bone loss (osteoporosis)

*10% of the population is HYPO-sensitive to caffeine, therefore requiring extra caffeine to feel the effects.

Benefits of Lower Caffeine Products*

  • Less interference with prescription medications
  • Enjoy coffee despite caffeine restrictions and/or caffeine intolerance
  • Dramatically reduces jitters/crashes
  • Less sleep cycle interference
  • Reduces psychological and physical dependence
  • Lessens headaches, restlessness, irritability, and anxiety

*10% of the population is HYPER-sensitive to caffeine, therefore requiring less caffeine in order to avoid negative side effects.